A web-based software for
managing methane emissions in
the Upstream Oil & Gas sector

By Process Ecology

About the problem

Energy Efficiency

Significant volumes of natural gas are lost via flaring and venting. Accurate quantification enables the identification of opportunities for fuel gas conservation and energy efficiency improvements.

Air Emissions

Flaring and venting represent a large proportion of methane from the UOG sector. Major reductions can be achieved with MeAdvisor via engineering calculations and expert support.


MeAdvisor tracks company-wide emissions of methane from continuous sources and non-routine events. Reports can be generated to ensure compliance with Government regulations and other sustainability initiatives.

Governments are implementing strict reporting regulations to manage methane emissions from oil & gas operations

The long-term industry objective is to eliminate routine flaring and venting and minimize non-routine events (e.g. AER Directive 60) Although best management practices can reduce the frequency of non-routine flaring, emergency flaring and venting still required to prevent equipment overpressure, catastrophic failure and loss of human life. However flaring and venting should be kept to the minimum that is technically and economically justified.

  • Streamlined data flows
  • Flexible reporting
  • Accurate engineering calculations
  • Peace of mind

How MeAdvisor™ works


1. Configure

your facilities

Key features of your facilities are available in a central online database. Web access allows updates to be performed remotely.


2. Capture

non-routine events

Operator interfaces allow for simple notification of non-routine events. Details causing the event are also recorded.


3. Estimation

Methane volumes and emissions

Accurate engineering calculations produce the best possible estimates of volumes and emissions.


4. Reporting


Flexible reporting to comply with government regulations, evaluate energy efficiency projects, emissions offsets, etc.


5. Optimization

Engineering support

Qualified process engineers interpret flaring and venting data to detect design/operational optimization.


6. Fugitive

Emissions Surveys

Through our partnership with Greenpath Energy, we can provide field survey services and fugitive emissions management programs.